Like a thief in the night

You sneaked into my heart

Slowly you won me over


Your smile, your words, your laughter

I never thought would end later.

You were daring, charming and a darling


Sit and talk about our future

And I’d always see you in the picture.

Stroll and kiss in the rain.

Your lips soft and sweet,

easing every memory of past pain.

When people go round town with rumour

In your arms, strong and firm I found succor.

Every fear and nightmare ended there.

The gentle touch of your hands taught me care.

Even pains were easy to bear

With you i experienced love

A love so deep and consuming

into every fibre of my being

you were my yin, i was your yang

your love made me sing

you were music to my ear,

never a burden to bear.

thoughts of you made me smile

and left me with hunger when you left.

You left me without a goodbye but a hole in my heart.

A part of me you took, as i write our story on a book.

I’m left with memories, a broken heart and your favourite hat.


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