The place of passion in your career/vision.

The place of passion in your career/vision

So many have or claim to have vision yeah, from the CEO of a multi million dollar company, to the gate man at the office, and at some point everyone has tried to adopt some ‘same’ principles in chasing their vision. 

The principles in most cases works for some, and doesn’t work for the others unfortunately. However, what separates the ones who are successful from those who aren’t successful is the lack of DEDICATION.

Dedication: to commit or devote oneself to a particular course of thought or action.

In other words, everyone wants to adopt some form of principle and think that everything would work out perfectly. Yet the reality is that only PASSION and CONSTANT WORK (attention to details) will produce the desired success.

It takes a lot of PERSISTENCE, DEDICATION AND STRATEGY to achieve success.

Persistence: obstinately refusing to GIVE UP or LET GO.

Dedication: (as explained above)

Strategy: A plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal.

Michelle dede one of my mentors once mentioned in one of her inspirational write up I never fail to read over and again, where she gave success steps.

“Love what you do, become obsessed by it”.

in other words, be passionate about your vision, job, career, etc and you’ll be few steps away from becoming successful. Lastly in whatever you do pursue excellence and success would Definitely follow.

Remember that constant work (i.e improvement/development) would eventually pay off, so don’t give up yet even if it feels like you’re not getting what you deserve.

Have a beautiful week people.

Stay Winning! 


-Ella Chikezie©


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