On a cold winter night I sat in silence,

The wind passed by with little patience.

Deep in thought I was that I barely noticed,

The beauty and calm the shining moon promised.

Hello there, it said in a whisper,

Not a word I heard so I let the voice linger.

Hello there! It said again above a whisper.

I looked up startled, ready to bother,

But it smiled and waved it’s little finger.

I smiled and waved back looking amazed

At the beauty and warmth that it graced

In a moment I forgot the worries I faced.

In my mind, thoughts of fear and doubt no longer raced.

I could see beauty, calm and hope as the moon gazed,

Upon the earth and the inhabitants it embraced.


When problems heap and you feel threatened,

Don’t get carried away but be strengthened,

In the thought of hope that your future is bright,

As bright as the beautiful moon out here tonight.

Smiling and saying not to give in to fright.

But to stand up tall and put in a fight,

With everything in you and all of your might,

And watch as problems vanish and things become alright.

By ella chikezie.


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