Answering the ‘purpose’ question 

Answering the ‘Purpose’ Question.

Many of us wonder why on earth we were created, sometimes we ask ourselves who are we, what can we do (only few people ask these questions though), why were we created, what is the purpose of our existence? Etc. Until we consciously ask these questions and determinedly seek to find the answers, we have not really started the journey of our existence. The journey of existence starts from self discovery first.

Personally, up until my early teen years did I ask these questions. I was exposed early in life to some certain books and talk show (motivational & christian books) that talked about purpose and though I was still young, those books and talk shows had engaged my mind in thinking about my life and future.

Until we find purpose in whatever we do, we won’t succeed in that thing. My mom used to say ‘abuse is inevitable when purpose isn’t understood’. In other words, if you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, you’ll misuse or abuse that thing. This reminds me of something that happened some years back when I had travelled home with my parent and siblings for the Christmas holiday. I hadn’t gone home in a long time and while we travelled I discovered an abandoned pedestrian bridge in the middle of a busy road. Curiously i asked my mom why no one ever used it, and she said it had been that way since she was a little girl. Both ends of the bridge were blocked and some traders had set up their stall at the foot where they sold their goods, no one ever used the bridge for crossing. Meanwhile beneath that bridge lives were lost on a daily basis as so many people were victims of accidents that resulted from reckless driving and the peoples ignorance.If only people understood the purpose for the bridge and had used it, the accidents would be avoided and the death rate would be minimal.

That is how we humans are when we don’t know the purpose of why we are here, we would be victims of wasted destinies and potentials. We would move about in circles without focus, we would get easily distracted and we would lack goals. They say the grave contains the best treasures, this is because many people who have died were people with potentials that were never discovered or utilized.

In our journey to finding our purpose in life, a lot of questions need to be asked, but first of all we must understand that God did not just create and put us in this world for nothing. We were all created for a purpose.

Also we should know that God has deposited in us tools for living a purposeful life. Yes, those talents, skills, creative ideas, abilities etc are the tools he has given us. If God didn’t create us for a purpose, he wouldn’t put those talents in us.

After discovering those tools comes the part of contributing. If God has created you and deposited those abilities, talents etc, it is for you to discover, develop and utilise it. God expects us to use it in influencing lives.

Today, society celebrates those who have contributed to mankind. What is your contribution?. You don’t have to find the cure for Ebola, Hiv, Cancer, or deadly diseases, neither do you have to jump from mount everest, before you say you’ve contributed. Its not rocket science! You can start with your relation with people you come across everyday and in your sphere. When people come around you let them leave with something, you should learn to contribute in the lives of others. If everyone had the mindset of how much they can do for others and not the other way round, the world would be better than it is.

In summary: 4 steps to living a purposeful life.

  1. God created us all for a purpose, understand this first.
  2. God has put tools (talents, skills, ideas, abilities etc) in us that we must discover.
  3. After discovery, comes development.
  4. Then finally contribution to mankind.

Stay winning people! Happy new week.                   

-Ella Chikezie© 


5 thoughts on “Answering the ‘purpose’ question 

  1. I just got awestruck by your blog. I am not in my teens nor am I in my twenties, but I wished I had more insight to the meaning of my life when I was a teenager.
    Today, it is not even any better with more distractions characterized by our ever digital globalization. Whatsoever, reflecting on this particular blog would no doubt be medicine for many youthful exuberances.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your contribution, you are very right about the distractions from digital globalisation, we all have our choices to make at the end of the day. On my part I still get involved in some youthful exuberance hey! But I do know my limit, where I’m coming from and where I’m headed also. Thank you for reading and sharing sir.


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