Recently, someone asked me what my ultimate fulfilment was, and fervently I replied thus, ‘my greatest/ultimate fulfilment daily comes when I retire to my bed for the day having learnt something new that I couldn’t wait to try out the next day, week or month, and also the satisfaction I derive in knowing that I contributed something positive to someone’s life, either in words, actions or deeds.

Life consists of moments, experiences and memories. Experiences are gotten from moments that have now become memories, i.e a bad moment = bad memory = bad experience. Also a good moment = good memory = good experience.

A bad experience should not prevent you from enjoying the good moment, life is too short to hold on to bad memories, bringing up bad memories in good moment ultimately ruins good moment.

Living in the moment does not mean you should forget about the future, but every moment you spend is one of the determining factors of your future, how you spend the moment will eventually reflect in your future. Make every moment count, live every moment in every best way possible. Make consistent efforts to ensure that every moment of your life is worthwhile.

No one is sure about the future except God. But we have been given the privilege to determine this moment we are currently in, to an extent we are sure about this moment so let’s make something out of this moment.

That being said, i’ll pause here for the night, here is wishing y’all a beautiful weekend.


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