A life of misery or not? 



In this day and time, it would be easy to choose being sad and miserable. Yes you read that. I mean how can you not be miserable when the economy is really bad, there’s hike in the prices of things and still your neighbour is cruising round town in the latest Acura zdx. You work round the clock only to earn a meagre salary that can barely feed you not to talk of 5 other mouths and to add insult to injury your fat pot bellied boss hurls insults at you, he at the end of the day smiles to the bank, while you the ‘brain box’ takes the paltry income home. Just how could you not feel miserable when after studying those books you come out with a first class degree, bag award as the best trekker of the century with no job, no money, but big dictions and articulated speech while some other person with no proper qualification sits as the manager of a big firm.

I could go on about list of things to keep you feeling miserable but first here are some things you can do to make you the perfect SI unit for Misery.

  1. Think about yourself.
  2. Talk about yourself.
  3. Use the personal pronoun ‘I’ as often as possible in your conversations.
  4. Mirror yourself continually in other people’s opinion.
  5. Listen greedily to what people say about you.
  6. Insist on consideration and respect.
  7. Demand agreement with your own views on everything.
  8. Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favours shown them.
  9. Never forget a service you have rendered.
  10. Expect to be appreciated.
  11. Be suspicious and assuming.
  12. Be sensitive and quick to point out people’s flaws.
  13. Compare yourself to others.
  14. Never forget criticism.
  15. Never be grateful for what you have.
  16. Trust nobody but yourself.

And woohoo you’ll be awarded the commander in chief of Misery!

In all I’ve said, a person who is walking down a miserable path is one who is never grateful for the little in his or her life, it is one who is inward focused, self centered and always comparing himself or herself to others.facebook-20151116-102542

Someone once said “one will never find oneself until they focus on the needs of others”. Until we learn to look outside of ourselves and be grateful for what we have, we would continue to feel miserable.

It doesn’t hurt to encourage others, we have to listen to other people and encourage one another even though we have our own personal challenges. A word of encouragement could save a life you never know! Let’s learn to have a positive outlook on life and we’ll find it easy to encourage others.

One of my favourite quotes from Michelle Dede would be.

“Encourage others the world has enough critics already”.

So go out there with a different attitude and mentality and conquer the world.

Have a great week!

-Ella Chikezie©

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8 thoughts on “A life of misery or not? 

  1. Being entirely grateful at all times irrespective of contradicting situations is always a sure way to get great results at the end of the day!


    1. True, because while your mind is set on being thankful for what you have. You won’t even realise what you lack and you create the perfect atmosphere to receive more, stay optimistic and happy.


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