pray for the world 


I was up at 1am in the morning reading and taking notes from ‘The diva principle’ book by michelle mckinney hammond (I recommend every woman to get it). I read a lot and I encourage everyone to do so.

I know around the world a lot of mishap and horrible things like earthquakes, cyclones, terrorist attacks, street killings, scarcity etc has been largely in occurrence even in my beloved country Nigeria. And the reality is that we see little or nothing of these in the news or social media.

There are so much people dying out there everyday, aside the terrorist attacks recently in Paris there are much more worse things going around different continents of the world. So even as our hearts and prayers are with Paris, we should not forget other countries like Nigeria, China, Syria, Palestine, Kenya etc. We should pray even more for a dying world.

We should pray for a world where people are walking across countries with their possession on their backs hopeless and homeless.

A world where a father holds the lifeless body of his innocent little child who was a victim of bomb blast and weeps profusely cos it’s just too senseless that anyone would harm the defenceless.



A world where the poor are abused  and denied out rightly of their rights.


A world where people have enslaved their birthright for a morsel of bread. A world where corruption is encouraged and people are left without courage to stand up and fight. A world where things are falling apart and needs our prayers to fall in the right place.

With one voice to God let us pray for a world that cannot pray for itself but needs prayer, God’s mercies and grace.

We are the world, everyone of us are, whether black or white. So let us pray for ourselves and pray for the world.




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