The dangers of social media. 


The dangers of social media

According to Google wikipedia definition, “social media are computer mediated tools that allow people to CREATE, SHARE OR EXCHANGE INFORMATION, CAREER INTEREST, IDEAS, IMAGES AND VIDEOS in virtual communities”.

It’s sad what social media has done to a lot of youths, young people these days have out rightly abused the purpose of social media. youths nowadays are no longer concerned with self development as much as they are concerned with attaining some social media profile and using it as a medium to commit crimes, slander people, and indulging in a plethora of appalling acts sugar coated as ‘youthful exuberance’.

Just some weeks back someone tried to scam me online, he/she used a popular celebrity name and supposed twitter account to demand money and even nudes from me. Of course i was aware of other fraudulent vices but I had never experienced online scam before. Thank God for the wisdom to research and look things up on Google, I was able to unravel the scam.


It’s sad that instead of promoting good, it is used to portray bad. Some people would become friends with you on FB and the next thing they’re asking for is ‘sex chat and nudes’ or even ask you to come see them in their house. It goes on to show how dwindling moral decency is in the society today, how the depths of moral decadence is and how shallow minded people have become.

Because of how people want to feel accepted and the need for validation, a girl would go on IG to upload a half naked photo & video of herself for the number of likes, retweets, comments like ‘baby la hot’, ‘sexy diva’, ‘cute’, ‘dope’ etc she’ll get from guys who only want her for her body. Seeking validation online has relinquished power to affirm themselves more. People now look for external measurement to their worth. People define who they are online, not have online complement who they are.

Some people would go to the extent of borrowing someone else’s clothes, shoes, bag, car, house etc. pose in those items and caption it ‘chilling in my crib’, ‘new ride’. Ha! Egbon you’re just a shameless member of the ‘borrow pose brigade’ and it’s not good to portray false life and arouse unnecessary envy from people. Many people would rather choose to compare instead of connect when they see someone else’s accomplishment, hence breeding ground for envy and bitterness.

Some people have gotten into trouble because of giving false news about someone else and even some of our celebrities are not left out of it. A number of them have engaged in word battles with haters, fans, colleagues etc. When celebrities should be a symbol for good role modelling. I mean a lot of people see them as people worthy of emulation and it’s such a shame that they don’t live up to that expectation.

In essence I’m not saying social media is bad and that we ditch technology and go back to stone age, but that people especially the youths should learn to use social media for good purposes like research, learning, getting valuable informations, having intelligent conversations and interactions with other people.

I don’t support the recent bill passed against social media use in Nigeria, but I also do not support the use of social media for evil purposes.



2 thoughts on “The dangers of social media. 

  1. Nice read…..that chat had me in stitches(thirsty nikkurs everywhere). While the smart ones are making money and getting positive recognition from social media some olodos will be sending nudes and tryna scam others…..smh

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  2. Lol, they are really ‘thirsty’. Its the society we live in today, unfortunately people now use what is meant for good to commit evil.


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