“New Year, New Me”



It is very typical of a lot of Nigerians and people generally to make resolutions at the beginning of a year. This “New Year Resolution” (NYR) lifestyle has birthed the colloquial phrase “New year, New me” often used amongst people. In fact i still remember myself saying those words to some of my secondary school mate back in the days. Resolutions in this context is ‘a strong will towards statement of intent or vows’. Most times, people tend to not keep these resolutions often made in a spur-of-the-moment.

We have gradually come towards the end of another year. Admist the numerous event that constituted the past 11 months of the year 2015, it is time to reflect on the shortness of time and how worthwhile we’ve made the year so far. One thing is certain though and that is what has happened in the past will not return and what has been done or left undone is irreversible. That is how fast life moves and the only time that we have devoted to what’s important will have lasting results.

Not everything that is urgent is important and usually the important things aren’t urgent. Life traps us in its cycle daily and captivates us with things that must be addressed immediately. Its called “situations, challenges, trials” etc or whatever you want to call it. Thus, people run from one commitment to another, from one meeting to another, from one emergency to another and so on and so forth. But when life is over and our strenght dwindles, only the time that we dedicated to what’s important would have been worth it. Questions are;

  • How did you use your time?
  • What are those things that were important to you?
  • Did the time invested into those important things pay off?

After answering these questions honestly, I expect that a lot of us answered yes to question 3. But if our answers was no its not a surprise too. If we failed to achieve the goals or things we set our hearts to do this year, now is also a good time to reevaluate, restrategise, stage a come back, pay attention to details and those mistakes we made and start the new year more effectively.

However, bear in mind that it’s not mandatory to wait for the new year before you make resolutions. In fact resolutions should be made at every stage and moments of our lives. Let us focus on ending the year well and paving way for even another great year. I believe 2016 would be bigger and better for everyone.

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