Throes of love (part 2) #TornSeries



“Officer arrest this murderess!” the unknown lady screamed and pointed accusing finger at me. Confusion adorned my face like flawless make up.

I had woken up that morning like every other weekday to go to my office at stantons pharmaceutical company where I was Head of operations.
I was about to drive out of my rented apartment in the quiet suburb of Satellite Town, when I heard the voice and saw a lady along side two other men that were dressed in uniform moving towards me with Ahmed my gate man following behind and trying to keep them from coming anywhere closer.

Curiously, I turned off the ignition and alighted from my 2010 Toyota Camry automobile as i waited for them to approach me.
“That’s her, arrest her officer!” the lady ordered.
“Aunty my madam go vex, i no like froblem”. Ahmed said to the woman who didn’t even budge and ignored his plea.

I had never met Anita, but the lady before me could pass for the physical image of those photos I had seen and eyed jealously as they adorned Tonye’s living room wall in my previous visit months ago, only that she looked much older and pregnant now,by my calculation she should be 6 months gone. It was hard to tell if she was Anita so I asked her courteously.

“Who are you and what gave you the temerity to harass me this way?”.
Ignoring my question, she eyed me viciously and spoke in articulate pidgin. “Oga officer abeg arrest dis killer!”.

“Kai madam!” Ahmed rebuked her before I could speak.

Me? A killer? What was she saying?! loosing the little patience I had left and darning courtesy for the most obnoxious and disrespectful being I had met in my life I demanded.

“What is the meaning of this, have you lost your mind?”

She fired back at me. “Oh shut up and stop pretending! You are a killer, you witch! I am anita, Tonye’s wife” she hissed.

Her point had hit the mark, for my assumptions about her identity were correct, I had taken enough of Anita’s aspersions, harassment and insults. As i was about to order Ahmed to throw the pregnant fool from my compound, one of the Officers whom I forgot was standing there and had quietly watched the drama unfold finally spoke.

“Madam you have to follow us to the station for questioning as you’ve been accused and are the prime suspect for the murder of Mr Tonye Akuboye, whatever you say now would be used against you in the court of Law”.

“What?!” I recoiled in shock. was this a sick joke? Or some silly prank. Tonye murdered? Me the accused for the grisly action? Clearly they were the misled ones here.

“Please stop pretending like you’re not the one who did it, you threatened and killed him!” she was crying now.
Anita’s accusation and Ahmed’s panicked statement of “Na lie my madam no be killer” in defence, jolted me from temporary shock as the reality of the news hit me.

“No! It can’t be, Tonye dead? I would never hurt Tonye or kill anyone!, I didn’t kill him” I cried in defence.
The policemen ignored my loud plead and gently led me to their waiting van, while anita followed behind with more insults I was too occupied with grief to care or reply to.

“Ahmed please call Steve and tell him I’ve been arrested, his number is in my diary in my bedroom cabinet” Ahmed nodded “yes madam”.

Tonye could not be dead, we just had our break up nearly 3 months ago. All of a sudden I burst into tears. I had planned to have my revenge on him but that did not include death, no matter how much I wanted revenge I certainly did not wish for Tonye’s death. With the sudden news of his death I was devastated. There was more to his murder. Whoever killed him had named me the prime suspect and the killer was lurking somewhere out there. Only time would fix this puzzle.



(To be continued……….)



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