Love Is Not Valentine.

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Once again it’s the month of that four lettered word that makes heart go thumping, breath to be taken, toes to  curl up in mushy feel, and cheeks to get brilliantly flushed from excess blushing (For the white folks only, because a black man do not blush lol). Yep you guessed right, it’s the month of Love! Or as a close friend would say, Lav!.

I’d like to imagine that cupid’s bow struck lonely hearts this season and in swift response, two hearts were blended in harmony. *sighs dreamily* (a girl can dream haha).

Ok back to reality, as we all know February 14th is the annual worldwide  date to celebrate St. Valentine’s day though it’s not a public holiday but it is recognised as a significant cultural and commercial day in many parts of the world. It is also known as “Lovers day” contrary to what it was construed for in ancient days. It was focused on “sacrifice” and not “Romantic love” only.

To that effect, I’ve bullied my pen to bleed my deepest thoughts on what love is not in my piece entitled “Love is not valentine”. Click to read below and don’t forget to drop your opinion in the comment box as I would love to hear from you. Happy Month of Love darlings!



Love is not about the candle light dinner, beach walk and red roses strewn along the side walk.

Love is not gazing at the stars lovingly as your head rests on his chest while he caresses your breast tenderly.

Love is not about the pillow fights or mere words twirling like butterflies that makes your heart flutter like cheese and butter, when he’s only there to flatter and never there for things that matter.

Love is not the feeling of infatuation and blind obsession confusing this generation or the misinterpretation of love we see on television.

Love is not a one day affair or a bus fare to become a sexual offender. Above all, love is not valentine.






5 thoughts on “Love Is Not Valentine.

  1. Great stuff. This blog points out what Valentine shouldn’t be but in summary, also tells me that Love is Valentine.
    Paying for one’s bus fare with no other intention but love could be that sacrifice Valentine is about.
    Candle light dinner, beach walk by married couples or families might is a show of love, enhancing more love bond.
    He strokes your breasts while you gaze up at him between husband and wife is another version of love. This might just be their Valentine playing out especially for a spouse that is not always around and has to sacrifice to be with spouse.


    1. yes basically valentine should be about happy & good times but i was also pointing out that love isn’t about the good times only in this piece. i wanted to portray that the essence of love should not be built upon these things. its okay that romance comes in, but that shouldn’t be the only thing involved in love. valentine is just a day and people shouldn’t wait till valentine before they can show love to anyone, love entails sacrifice, trust, communication, romance (in relationships), commitment, etc and that’s why i entitled the piece “love is not valentine”. But of course love is not a one day affair.
      anyway, thanks for your contributions and visiting the blog.


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