So i’ve been AWOL, and i honestly apologise for the long silence. But here’s a new poem i wrote on one of those cold rainy mornings i spent in Umuahia (My hometown), whilst on a short visit. 

It was totally inspiring to watch the rain cascade the hills,(my home is on a hill), and to view the rainbow hanging like a graffiti painting in the sky! Moments to live for! It’s a breath of fresh air!

Mother Rain

She has waited too long already.

In the fiercest harmattan heat,

In the town’s cloudiest mist.

For she was imprisoned in the sky’s jail,
And had lightening accompany her wail.

She longed for someone to come to her aid,

Maybe a stormy lover or a windy maid?

But there was none, so;
She laid still, while the whole world was astir.

Her womb longed to flourish God’s green earth,

Patiently she waited to give birth.

When she was due;

The sky lit up in grey hue.

Her voice echoed thunderous rife,

Her womb yielded wet, colorless, life…

Mother rain has given birth,

The rains do the rhythmic tap dance on baked red earth,

And soon the earth would wear her green skirt.

As the rain cascades the hills,

Washing away soil and anthills,

Cleansing out dust and sweat,
Filling our oceans and fishing net.

The rain and rainbow are Gods twin set.

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8 thoughts on “MOTHER RAIN

      1. It is usually scary when it pours heavily, but beyond that there is always beauty in nature. I’m glad you found this poem interesting. Thank you for visiting Maria. xx

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