Redemptions Story#EllaWrites 

Good morning readers! So it’s a new week and I would like to share this beautiful story of a great man that once lived, and walked amongst us, centuries ago.

He did a lot of incredible things beyond human and science comprehension, he was a living savior and till date he remains one of the living legend humanity cannot stop talking about.

His name brings joy to hearts and hope to the hopeless. His name is higher than any other name, His name is always on the lips of mankind, and it brings resounding peace to the troubled mind.

I have captured the story of this great man, in a poem. Today I choose to be inspired by His story, which I entitled “Redemption story”.

We look at how, just like the rest of us, he went through the joy and travails of life, he persevered and never gave up, in the end He came out victoriously, He is an epitome of love, courage and compassion. He is our Man crush Monday and everyday. #Mce #Mcm

In the beginning;

God created the heaven and earth,

Adam and Eve, He gave His breath,

Authority He gave them over all earth,

Until came he; the angel of death…

The tree of knowledge was the bait

It’s fruit he offered and both ate,

Forever opened the road to sin’s gate,

Their redemption would indeed come too late,

So, he danced at their sealed fate…


He that sits in the Heavens laughed, 

While the angel of death danced,

He had the story of redemption planned,

A Savior He sent to redeem mankind…

The Savior;

Left his place and took our shame,

Healed the blind and cured the lame,

And even when we;

Spat on him and mocked His name,

Tore his flesh with thorns and cane, 

Nailed Him to a cross in agony and pain,

He finally died, and rose again..

All these He did, not for worldly gain…

Jesus Christ died for us;

That we may suffer no loss,

Our sin’s price, He paid in gross,

That we may not sin, when we remember the cross. 

“John 3:16”


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