For days I laid in agony,

Ruptured cells multiplied with an 

alarming harmony,

Gladly yielding to the disease 


Gradually slipped I, into perpetual 


My bones knocked,

my tissues romped,

my breathe ached, 

my skin paled.

My body acquiesced to pain’s 


But, my heart never willed to the 

scythes demand.

Hours to days, 

days to weeks, 

weeks to months,

My skin wrapped in lumps,

My head shaved off locks,

My veins held blood pumps,

The tumors caused huge blocks,

They said I had ran out of luck.

Doctors tried, people cried,

But I held on, 

knowing I wasn’t ready to kiss my 

final goodbye.

Hope spoke to me, she never lied. 

#H.O.P.E >>





-Ella . Chikezie © 2016

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