Scythe on the pitch #Part2


A minute after 1:00pm, the alarm clock went off, and their 6 hours training session was over. Members of the team, mostly physically exhausted, headed for the changing room. Some couldn’t wait to hit the shower. Others were engrossed in a group conversation, or were busy checking their fan’s mail. 

Tunde’s head ached badly. A result of the hangover from previous day’s party, coupled with incessant insomnia attacks, and the intensive hour long training they had. He badly needed a breather, a smoke would be appropriate, but it was against the clubs rule to smoke or do drugs within training grounds. The penalty was dismissal, but shit he urgently needed a fix. He could feel the wild hunger ravaging his soul, and clawing at his insides. His entire body was itchy and he couldn’t smoke, but he could take a quick sniff of the white substance, just within hands reach before he lost it.

He excused himself and went out to the arena to find a comfortable spot to do his thing. 

He finally found a spot behind the sporting complex. Carefully, he pulled out the paper, unwrapped it, and brought the white substance to his nose. He inhaled sharply and rubbed the bridge of his nose to let the substance sink in. He took another sniff and was about to take the third when he heard footsteps approaching. 

Quickly he wrapped it back and pocketed it in his inner short pocket. He cleaned his face and looked up in time to see his other team mate from same motherland Nigeria.


He called him in his native name. Okey looked at him and responded. 

“Tunde, my brother it’s good to find you here”

He smiled and took Tundes hand in a warm handshake.

Tunde was disappointed that his activity had been disrupted by the nosy club preacher, he was sure he was in for another boring round of preaching. He honestly wasn’t looking forward to that. Okey continued.

“It’s a good thing I found you here, I thought you had left immediately after training”

“well I’m here, what’s up?”

Okey started, “you see the Lord dropped a burden in my heart to pray for you, and lead you to him”. 

Tunde was confused, he looked at Okey like he suddenly had horns. What did he mean?

“What do you mean by that” he asked Okey. 

“Jesus loves you and he wants to save you, if only you would be born again”. 

He’d said the familiar words again, “born again” Tunde had heard that word severally, but he had never come to terms with it. It was the strangest thing he’d ever heard, yet it sounded so familiar. 

Tunde could hardly hear any of what brother Okey was saying now, he just stood there transfixed, the only time he responded or moved was when Okey pressed a paper into his hands. Then he’d heard Okey say again,

“Jesus loves you, repent before it’s too late” before he turned and left. 

Something in him wanted to call out, to ask questions, but he couldn’t do any of those. Instead he looked at the paper, it was a pamphlet with the inscription “Heaven and Hell is real”. 

He tried to read the first two lines, but gave up after it didn’t make any sense to him. One mind told him to fold it and save it for later, he obeyed and kept it in his pocket.  

The cocaine was gradually having it’s effect on him, he staggered back to the changing room to get his bags and car keys. By now, the room was almost empty. Most of his teammates had already left. He searched his locker and found his keys, then he picked up his training kit and headed for the garage. 

Few minutes later, he was seated in the drivers seat of his mint black Porsche car and speeding home. The white substance circulating in his bloodstream was already having the effect on him. He envisioned having a cold shower, short sleep, and since it was Saturday, he would pick up a date, maybe a hot brunette or a sexy blonde, and go clubbing. 

At 25, he was living the life and he loved it! 


To be continued……..

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