Meet Jasper Kelechi: A young, passionate Artiste with a message to the world through music.

I’m a fan of good music, especially ones with not just quality sounds, but intelligent lyrics as well.

I was privileged to interview Jasper, a young, multi talented student cum artiste, who is making a difference in the world through music. 

          Read the interview below.

Me;   who is Jasper?

Jasper;  I am Jasper kelechi innocent, i am a student, song writer, dancer, won’t say I’m much of an inspirational speaker, but I love being in that position too.

Me; What’s your background like?

Jasper; I am from a good Christian home, i grew up in Port Harcourt Nigeria. I am the first child of my parents, I have two younger sisters. My parents are displined people, so growing up for me was an experience I can never forget, God bless them for me, because the training I received from them has helped shape me into who I am today, I’m thankful for that.

Me; where are you from?

Jasper; I am from Abia state, Eastern Nigeria.

Me; At what age did you start singing and your music career?

Jasper; I started music at a very tender age, my parents love music, so I think I just took on from them, but I’ll say my music career started when I was 8, first stage performance and all.

Me; What genre of music are you into?

Jasper; Afro hip hop, Gospel, any tune that communicates with the listeners. Jay is your guy.

Me; Who is your favorite artiste nationally and internationally?

Jasper; Nationally, I hear good music from our Nigerian musicians everyday, but I won’t say i have a favorite. Internationally, that would be j cole and lecrea.

Me; Have you had any embarrassing moment on stage? If yes, when?

Jasper; I don’t think so, and I pray it never happens.

Me; What’s your favorite color/ holiday spot/ food?

Jasper; My favorite colour is Black. Favorite holiday spot should be anywhere my family members happen to be. Favorite food, hmmm…..ripe fried plantains (dodo).

Me; Where do you see your music career in the next 5 years?

Jasper; By Gods grace and His sufficient mercy, I’ll just say, platinum.

Me; When you say platinum what do you mean?

Jasper; My music should be able to communicate with everybody, nationally and internationally, young and old.

Me; Any plans to drop an album or a music video?

Jasper; An album, not yet, but I’m working on my EP, it’s titled “truth be told” and a video. I’ll keep my fans in suspense on that one. But I’m gonna be doing a lot of online features.

Me; Ok that’s definitely something to look forward to.

Jasper; yup.

Me; If I asked you to define yourself with 5 words, what would they be?

Jasper; 5 words? lol…..Trick question, trick answer, ok here goes “SO MUCH IN ONE PACKAGE”

Me; lol that’s creative!

Jasper; Thank you.

Me; But if i meant like 5 seperate words that represents your unique personality, what would they be? 

Jasper; OK ummm……humble, displined, focused, innovative, and hard working.


Jasper’s new single titled “way up” is out now. Click on the link below to download, listen, and share this fantastic number.

-Ella Chikezie © 2016



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