As I come of Age

Finally wrote my first poem for the new year. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

As an under aged child,

I had always lived free and wild.

Understanding life as something mild,

To life’s nitty gritty details, I was blind,

So I never took important things to mind.

By the time I approached teen age,

by heart I could recite every adage.

The one mama quoted from The Holy book’s page,

Before she dealt me her stick’s rage,
And disciplined me for being savage.

Mama was worried about the path that laid ahead.

The one I was going on, head to head.

Since I had become used to the stings of her cane, the one I once feared and reverenced,

I could as well not bloody care.

Before I ticked the clock of 25,

I had lost count of the men in my life.

Kissed the French stranger,

Tattooed my ex’s name Jaja,

And puffed some fresh Ganja.

By 25,

Glad to be alive,

With no mama to bug my life.

I had flunked out of school,

Bathed with men skin to skin in a pool,

Had few fetus flushed out with stool,

And for me life was everything fun and cool.

At 40,

I had become a single woman, whose hope for a good life is winning the Lottery,

Priced possession is a huge pile of tatters.

And trophy is countless hand written  ‘had I known’ letters.

As I come of age,

I realize I’ve become the haggard sage,

Whose wisdom would never make history’s page,

And the lonely old hag, who would die unnoticed in a cave.

-Ella Chikezie © 2017. All rights reserved.


Have a lovely new week!


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