Attitude Vs Character

For so long I pondered the difference between these two words Attitude and  Character, until I finally understood that though they appear similar in sense, there is a huge contrast between both.

Attitude according to a psychology student, is a way of feeling about a specific situation which makes you use a particular facial expressions and body language to respond. 

Character on the other hand is the mental and moral qualities and innate thoughts developed in the course of life which decides what your attitude is towards a specific situation. 

In other words, attitude is the way of expression, and character decides what and how to express.

Personally I have come to understand Attitude as a method in which one reacts to different situations I.e your style of action, and Character as what makes one do a particular thing or behave a certain way I.e your intent of action.  
The difference between attitude and character is that Attitude is an opinion/conviction towards a particular thing and it changes according to different situations/events, while Character can be said to be something innate, as it lies within and is not susceptible to change, so that it becomes an identity, a part of us. 

In other words, Attitude is a choice, character is an identity.
Character is also based on learning and practice while attitude is based on experience. 

Attitude is the sum total of a persons preference for a particular situation or thing, while Character is the overall assessment of a person’s qualities.

In a nutshell, character is the innate ability/qualities of a person, but attitude is the manner in which we react to situations irrespective of our qualities. 

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

– Charles .R. Swindoll.

We should be careful about how we choose to react to situations, because our approach to a situation would determine the outcome of that situation.


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