Lil Piro: ‘life ain’t a bed of roses, but I fell in love with music’.

Nigerian rave of the moment, Young, Talented, and Creative rapper. It’s Peter Eyeni Jnr A.K.A ‘Lil Piro‘ for our February interview. 

He talks about life, family, music and love in this exclusive interview with me. Enjoy! xx

Me; What is your background like? 

Lil Piro; Well I was born in 1995 in Lagos. I am the eldest in a family of 2 boys. My dad is a police officer so it was a pretty strict upbringing for me. My mom a trader, I grew up in the barracks. I was born into a Christian family, with both parents from akwa ibom state. My primary education was in Lagos, where i attended Command Children School Bonny Camp, and my secondary education was at Police Secondary School Calabar. Right now i’m pursuing my first degree at the University of Calabar. Studying Theatre and media studies. It wasn’t really easy growing up but we scaled through. Life ain’t a bed of roses they say! But then i fell in love with music, I’ve been recording since 2012, currently unsigned but a member of the South wild music gang crew and also a cofounder of the music group.

Me; At what age did you start your music career?

Lil Piro; I started rapping at a tender age. I was about 14 when I started writing my own raps and that’s before i took it as a career. I was about 19 when i released my debut mixtape titled Truth Tha Mixtape. So, apparently that was when i started my music career. 2014 to be more specific.

Me; What genre of music are you into?

Lil Piro; I’m into Hip hop, Afrobeat, Afro Hip hop and Trap Sounds.

Me; Who’s your favorite artiste nationally and internationally?

Lil Piro; I listen to a whole lot of artistes, picking a favourite would be so hard. Okay these are my favourite artistes. Nationally, i really like Myself, Yung6ix, Wizkid, Mi abaga and the international acts, I like Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, Big Sean, J.Cole and others. These are the ones i can pick right now.

Me; Have you had any embarrassing moment on stage?

Lil piro; No I haven’t. And i pray i don’t experience any.

Me; What’s your favorite color/ holiday spot/ food?

Lil Piro; My favourite color is black. I don’t think i do have a favourite holiday spot yet. And I don’t have a favourite food. 

Me; Where do you see your music career in the next 5 years?

Lil Piro; Bigger than what it is right now. Cause this wasn’t the number of listeners i had when I first put out my mixtape in 2014. Getting to the top is going to take a little time but that’s definitely where am going to. Am Working hard so In the next 5 years I should be recognized and seen as one of the best rappers in the country. One of the best doing it!

Me; Are you working on any collabo in the near future?

Lil Piro; Yeah. I’m tryna get some big names on some records. 

Me; What was the major motivation for your new ep “lifted

Lil Piro; Initially i just wanted to put out all of the songs i had recorded from 2015 to 2016 at once, I was looking for the right moment. And that moment came after my debut single BMOR (Bad man on replay) was released in 2015, that tune unlocked so many doors, and i decided to give more of that to the people. BMOR made everyone listen to me and it changed the perception and i’ve been regarded and celebrated as an artiste and that was how I got the name LIFTED. Cause obviously things weren’t the same anymore, After all the love and support for my debut single, I got inspired and that’s how the EP LIFTED came about.

Me; If you had a chance to do a collab with a popular Nigerian musician who would it be?  

Lil Piro; Right now Wizkid.

Me; If I asked you to define yourself with 5 words, that represents your unique personality, what would they be?

Lil Piro; Intelligent, hardworking, creative, simple and dope lol…

Click here to enjoy songs from Lil Piro’s new ep ‘Lifted‘ 👉

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