Dear mother

Happy mother’s day to our champions and super amazing moms all over the world!

You mean the world to us, and I dedicate the poem below to all super moms out there. β€πŸ‘‘πŸ‘

To those special women out there,

That are the treasures we hold so dear,

Those whose hands have provided care,

Those whose palms wiped our tears,

Those whose arms protected us in times of fear,

Those who went the mile,whether far or near,

Those prepared to take up the burdens we bear…

Our dear mothers,

Not a day in a year is enough to appreciate you for your care,

For all the night’s you stayed up with us,

And all the time’s you prayed for us,

A lifetime is never enough to thank you.

Thank you for;

Giving us life,

Showing us love,

Teaching us hope,

Sharing in our dreams,

And for being brave enough to start a lifetime journey, within nine months notice.

You are Awesome!

_Ella Chikezie 2017Β©


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