Autism Awareness day!

​I came across a little girl at a teenage church program, and I was puzzled and fascinated by her. Her name was ‘Aanu’ (that’s what her mama told me)


For a long time I couldn’t take my eyes off Aanu. Not because something was different about her, but because I was dazed at how incredibly talented she was


Before my very eyes, Aanu made a gorgeous landscape painting! what was interesting was how she focused on her work not paying attention to what was happening around, or the passing crowd that didn’t seem to notice little Aanu as she dutifully painted


I was awed by this little wonder girl, and I couldn’t resist the urge to take her in my arm and hug her when she was done painting. I was moved to ask her mother if she would permit me to hug her child, and I was taken aback when she quietly said Aanu doesn’t like being hugged, most especially by strangers. I was about to plead with her, as my eyes closely studied Aanu’s face, and I knew why


Aanu had AUTISM


I left after I spent some time studying little Aanu and chatting with her mom


Today is 02:04:17 and it’s been over 3 years since I saw Aanu, sometimes I wish I had a chance to talk to her or watch her again. 


Today, I join the rest of the world to celebrate these incredibly talented and special people just like Aanu who deserves our love, support, and attention.

Below is a poem dedicated to these special ones. happy new month and autism awareness month! Wear blue to support today! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

I hear them coldly ask mama 

why her?

Mama warmly smiles and says

Why not?

I hear them murmur,

And see the disgust they 


Behind a smile. 

They do not care,

For if they did,

They would know I hear

Their contemptuous speech

About my inabilities to properly 


Or act ‘normal’.

If they only cared to listen 

To the words merely spoken,

But expressed in my actions 



If only they saw the pain and 


Maybe they’d encourage more 

than they condemned.

If only they understood that

Autism doesn’t make me 


Maybe they’d treat me with 


And some kindness.

If only they understood autism

Maybe they’d understand that 

Just because I don’t behave like 

other kids,

Doesn’t make me less than a 


I am an autistic child,

I have special needs,

I am one of a kind,

Deserving of love. 

I may see things differently 

than you,

But that doesn’t make me 


It makes me unique. 

A = Amazing

U = Unique

T = Talented

I = Intelligent

S = Strong

M = masterful 

Ella Chikezie 2017Β©

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