Aunty Mary…


May 31st 2017

It’s a fine early morning. The sun slowly kissed the earth with it’s radiance. I was lucky to capture this moment as I peered out my window. It’s a beautiful day and isn’t nature just awesome?

Last saturday was children’s day and I realize how time flies. I remember children’s day as a child. It wasn’t particularly a big deal to us because we barely celebrated it, but I remember once my mom threw a small party for us. She made pastries, bought cookies, lots of candy, chocolates, and soda. We had some group of friends and kids from our neighborhood attend the party. My mom didn’t like us listening to worldy music, so we ended up watching the biblical story of “Samson and Delilah” on VCD. 

As a child, I detested the fact that we weren’t allowed to do what other kids did. My mom was very strict about the kind of friends we kept, the places we went, the kind of things we watched, heard, or said. But as I grew older I realized she was just trying to protect us. My mom was a minister so that meant a lot of people from the church came around. I have lost count of the number of people from church that my mom took into our home. 

The most memorable of these persons that came to stay with us was Aunty Mary (not her real name). Aunty Mary as we called her was young, tall, light skinned, and pretty. Unlike other people who had stayed with us, Aunty Mary was the youngest of them all. I wondered why she had come to stay with us since she appeared so young (she was in her late teen years) and boy wasn’t i surprised to find out she was sent away from home. Somewhere in that small head of mine, I wondered why she was sent from home and though I asked my mom but she never told me why. I figured it out when few months later her stomach was well arched. Aunty Mary left our house after she had her baby girl. I heard she went on to university and had a degree. Later when I was older, my mom told me Aunty Mary had been raped by her aunt’s husband whom she lived with since she became orphaned at age 5. It’s been over 12 years since I saw her or her child, and sometimes I wonder how she was able to move on after all she went through. 

Things like that are just reminders that life sometimes toss at us the worst things ever and it is left for us to either make lemonades from our lemons, or to let our demons consume us. 

Lesson of the day;

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. 


Question of the day;

What’s your fondest memory of children’s day?

It’s a new month today. Happy blessed month of June!  To mark the first half of the year, I am unveiling my new official Logo. 🎉🎇 

I hope the new month ushers in peace and happiness to us all.


© Ella Chikezie  2017 

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