My True Life Prison Experience. (Kirikiri)

Truth is we all make mistakes that stems from poor choices and our inability to forgive others when they offend us, hence we are prompted to act on those negative emotions, when we hold on to them, and regret our actions later. … More My True Life Prison Experience. (Kirikiri)


Dear mother,

Happy mother’s day to our champions and super amazing moms all over the world! You mean the world to us, and I dedicate the poem below to all super moms out there. ❤👑👏 To those special women out there, That are the treasures we hold so dear, Those whose hands have provided care, Those whose … More Dear mother,

Attitude Vs Character

For so long I pondered the difference between these two words Attitude and  Character, until I finally understood that though they appear similar in sense, there is a huge contrast between both. Attitude according to a psychology student, is a way of feeling about a specific situation which makes you use a particular facial expressions and body … More Attitude Vs Character

12 months later…

Happy new year!!! Sorry it is coming late, but I’ve been unavoidably caught with activities that goes with the festive season, you know how it goes 😉. My apologies to everyone. Before the new year started, I took some time to sit back and reflect on how far I’ve come in the previous years. In my … More 12 months later…


​HOPE.                                                        For days I laid in agony, Ruptured cells multiplied with an  alarming harmony, Gladly yielding to the disease  symphony, Gradually slipped I, into perpetual  melancholy… My bones … More Hope.

pray for the world 

I was up at 1am in the morning reading and taking notes from ‘The diva principle’ book by michelle mckinney hammond (I recommend every woman to get it). I read a lot and I encourage everyone to do so. I know around the world a lot of mishap and horrible things like earthquakes, cyclones, terrorist … More pray for the world